"The love story behind Steven Spielberg's WWII documentary 'Shooting War'."

Through love’s lens, Art Manizer transcended hell’s horrors, capturing humanity’s darkest truths while finding solace in Germaine’s heavenly embrace.

About Tricia Milo

Tricia Mainzer Milo, born and raised in Chicago, has led a remarkable life guided by her deep Christian faith and upbringing. Her unwavering spiritual conviction serves as a foundation, empowering her to continuously strive for self-improvement, embrace new challenges, and pass on these values to her family. She even homeschooled her children for 10 years, and cultivated creativity, free thought, ideation, and spiritual guidance in their lives. Tricia’s journey weaves a rich tapestry of experiences that have shaped her into the person she is today.

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Passion and Purpose

Join Tricia as she delves into the realm of storytelling, channeling her passion for writing and honoring her uncle Art’s legacy.

2014- One of Tricia's many cherished visits to uncle art, as she spends quality time with him talking about his brother, her dad bill, his beloved wife germaine, and war stories.


Tricia has embarked on various entrepreneurial ventures. Over two decades ago, after relocating to Georgia, she established successful businesses including an Airbnb Superhost service and Prism Event Productions LLC. These ventures reflect her drive, adaptability, and commitment to creating opportunities for herself and others. Inspired by her Uncle Art Mainzer, a WWII combat cameraman featured in Steven Spielberg’s ‘Shooting War,’ Tricia has embarked on a journey to write a historical romance novel. Through this project, she connects her family’s past with the present, reflecting her desire to drive change and embody the mantra of Toastmasters international:

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Tricia’s passion for writing intertwines with her commitment to preserving and sharing stories that inspire and resonate with others.

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DreamBuilder Projects guides individuals in pursuing life-changing dreams aligned with their values and making a positive impact. We recognize the importance of seeking guidance from a higher power and providing support on the journey to fulfill dreams. With hope, faith and love, we empower individuals.

“To Leave No Stone Unturned”,

Embrace opportunities, and embark on a meaningful path of self-discovery and service to others.

Greatest Generation Life Principles

  • Hard work and perseverance
  • Personal responsibility
  • Patriotism and civic duty
  • Family values
  • Community and solidarity
  • Thrift and frugality
  • Respect and discipline

My Thoughts

We Believe in Justice

Recognizing and respecting marginalized and subjugated voices, cultures, and groups.

We Believe in Equity

Recognizing and respecting marginalized and subjugated voices, cultures, and groups.

The Art Mainzer Story

Arthur Mainzer was a loving husband to the late Germaine Girardot and a beloved father to Christiane and Claudette. He touched the lives of many and will be deeply missed by his family and friends.

Military History:

Born in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada, Arthur enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps in November 1942. He completed training with the first Motion Picture Unit in Culver City, California, and was deployed to England in November 1943. Arthur arrived in France shortly after D-Day and documented six military campaigns throughout the war. He was part of the first camera crew to film the liberation and atrocities at Buchenwald Concentration Camp in April 1945.

Point of Interest: Milo plucks out one of the best heroic stories from Steven Spielberg’s documentary “Shooting War,” a story she knows intimately, the one about her dad’s younger brother, Art, who became a combat movie cameraman in WWII. Milo captures the essence of her uncle’s two-fold, ultimate life experiences happening almost simultaneous…love vs hatred and faith vs despair

Honors My Uncle's Story

Arthur received several military awards for his actions during WWII, including the Air Medal, the EAME Campaign Medal with six battle stars, the World War I Victory Medal, and the Good Conduct Medal. In April 2010, he received a medal commemorating the 65th Anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi Death Camps. In November 2016, the French government awarded Arthur the prestigious Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur medal for his military contributions in France.

Arthur James Mainzer

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War bride

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